Oil & Gas

Petrol oil is the blood for national economy. RSP actively participate in oil & gas industry by offering pumps to upstream as lubrication, crude oil transfer, waste water treatment, midstream as unloading/loading and booster, downstream as refinery process, unloading, waster water treatment, etc.

At present, RSP has build partnership with Sinopec, PetroChina and China Offshore,etc, and also some global equipment manufacturer like Atlas Copco, Burckhardt Compression, etc.

Upstream Exploration
Midstream Transportation & Storage
Downstream Refinery
Shanxi LuAn Refined Wax Material Transfer Project
Project Information
Shanxi LuAn refined wax material can be used for various indutries. RSP provide 28 stainless steel made twin-screw pumps to handle almost vaccum condition without any defects and successfully won the appreciation from customers.
Yingkou Harbour Xianren Island Crude Oil Tank Terminals Phase 5 Project
Project Information
Yingkou Harbour Xianren Island crude oil tank terminals project is the key oil tank storage project and the biggest petro-chemicals unloading/loading station in China when completely finished. As professional screw pump manufacturer, RSP offers HWG series twin-screw pump with 1000 m3/h capacity for crude oil transfer.